Terms & Conditions

Booking Your Session

All bookings require a telephone or face-to-face pre-consultation, which is offered free of charge. This ensures that there is a clear understanding of the behaviour the Client is seeking to change and that the most appropriate course of treatment is chosen.

To secure the booking, payment must be made in full at the time of booking, ideally by bank transfer. If you wish to pay by Paypal, cheque or in cash, please contact me directly. Failure to pay in advance of the session may result in the session being cancelled.

Hypnotherapy is a relatively quick therapy. Rarely is it necessary to see people for more than 8 sessions and in some cases, just a couple will suffice depending on the nature of the issue(s) to be resolved. Adult sessions are usually around one and a half hours. Child sessions are generally around 50-60 minutes.

Pre-session/ Inter-session Work

You will normally be required to complete a number of tasks in preparation for your session. It is your responsibility to complete the pre-session work provided to you. The sole purpose of asking you to complete pre-or inter-session work is wholly for the benefit of the session and ultimately your success as there is a strong correlation between high success rates and those who commit to working on their tasks.

Where pre-session work has not been completed, and in my professional opinion this is likely to have a negative impact on your next session, I reserve the right to reschedule your appointment until such time as you have completed the tasks. I fully accept that sometimes things arise in life that make the completion of tasks difficult. Please therefore be assured that any such action is entirely in a bid to maximise your success in each session.


Should you arrive late for your appointment, then your therapy session will be reduced accordingly unless it is possible and agreed to extend your session. An extension will not be offered where this would adversely impact on another client’s session.


I endeavour to give my Clients the best service I possibly can and part of this is offering the earliest appointment slot possible. It is inevitable that from time to time a Client may need to reschedule an appointment. I would ask, however, that where this is the case, you give as much notice as possible so that others are not unduly affected by your cancellation. Give Up The Smokes reserves the right to charge the full session fee for cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice. Your booking an appointment confirms your acceptance of this.

Weekend and Evening Appointments

Office hours are from 8.30am- 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Should you require an appointment outside of normal office hours i.e. at a weekend or in the evening, then this can usually be arranged. Weekend and evening appointments carry a supplement of £25.


I will use all reasonable care and skill in helping you achieve the therapeutic outcome you are seeking. However, no medication, medical procedure, clinical or psychotherapeutic intervention can guarantee 100% success. It would, therefore, be unethical to offer guarantees.

I do, however, guarantee that I will work to the best of my ability, will properly prepare for your session and will give you my professional view if I believe that hypnotherapy is not the right therapeutic intervention for you, or else now is not the right time for it.

Testimonials that have been submitted by my Clients have been submitted voluntarily and endorse the work we have done together. They reflect individual results and it is important to highlight that the outcome of any treatment will depend on a range of different factors, including the Client’s own motivation to change, their commitment to listening to the audio recordings provided to them and to completing the post-session actions set with them.

I cannot be responsible for things outside of my control, I do guarantee that I will always work hard to help my clients achieve the positive changes they are seeking.