All About Julie

Hello and welcome to Give Up The Smokes.

I’m Julie Sharp, a fully qualified and insured Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner registered with the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council) and GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council).

People tell me I show a real passion for what I do. It happens a lot, so I’m guessing it’s true. I never set out to be a hypnotist, life just revealed it to me, and I’ve honestly never looked back.

I am in awe of the human mind and how it works.

My love for understanding behaviour, emotions and addiction in the context of the brain drew me to exploring more and more about the neurology of the brain and, ultimately, to training as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a phenomenally exciting and expanding area of research and study. I keep up my learning and understanding of neuroscience and other areas of psychology with regular reading of relevant literature and attendance at training sessions including being a regular at events run by the Royal Society of Medicine.

And I find that the more I learn, the more humbled I am at the immense power we have within ourselves to bring about change. To change our brain chemistry; our physiology; in truth, our reality.

Since becoming a qualified hypnotherapist, I have continued to expand my knowledge and training in specialist areas, including qualifying as a trained Parts Therapy practitioner, taught by the world-renowned C Roy Hunter, and undertaking specialist training in smoking cessation.

I believe learning never stops and I learn as much from my clients and day-to-day practice, as I do from attending formal courses and reading books and other literature. But one thing I have learned along the path of life is that to be your very best, you have to be congruent with who you are inside. A salesperson will never sell as many products they only half believe in, as they will products they completely believe in. And so it is with hypnotherapy.

There are many approaches to smoking cessation, but the one that I undertook specialist training in and use fits with who I am, what I understand about addiction, psychology and the human brain, and is based on clinical evidence gained from over 20 years of working with smokers. That’s important to me and it may be to you too? It is a gentle approach that will move you from a place of dependency to a place where it just feels more natural and right not to smoke than it does to continue.

  • I won’t badger you into giving up; after all, no-one else has been successful in that, and I can’t imagine for a minute that I would be any different
  • I won’t insist that we follow a rigid format
  • I won’t hurry you along or slow you down
  • I won’t devise a treatment plan without considering the context of your current lifestyle
  • I will tailor the session around your individual needs
  • I will be responsive to what crops up in the session
  • I will use a range of different techniques drawn from the fields of hypnosis, NLP, neuroscience and psychology as best befit the need
  • I will make myself available for telephone support in between sessions
  • I will tell you in the pre-consultation if I think you’re not yet ready

Helping you achieve freedom from cigarettes permanently is important for me, not because I think it’s bad, but because it’s what you want. My only care is that you might live the kind of life you want to live, free from the habits and behaviours that hold you back.

We all deserve that; to live the best lives we possibly can and my happiness comes from your success.

Writing stuff on an 'About Me' page is a little different to 'about ME’. Yes, I can explain what I do and my qualifications, but what does that really tell you about Julie the person? Here are a few impressions from people I've met in diverse settings.

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Sue Hughes
“I met Julie some time ago through a networking group and immediately warmed to her approach. Making time for a follow-up, I learned about what she did and realised she was responding intuitively to the greater pull of hypnotherapy (at the time, she was working in another sector). She’s a brilliant, insightful and confident presenter who gives everyone something to take away and think about. But what strikes me most about Julie, however, is that she is unapologetically human and incurably passionate about helping others help themselves.”
A Client
"When I first met Julie, I knew within a few minutes that I could work with her to recover my wellbeing. I felt instantly comfortable talking to her. She was genuinely kind, completely professional, positive and resourceful. More importantly, she really listened to me to the extent that every session I attended had been thoroughly prepared with my needs in mind and taught me so much about myself. I am a different person today because of that whole experience...thank you Julie,..... and the lasting effects have left me stronger, happier and living a more authentic life."
Susan Draper-Todkill Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor
When I think about Julie immediately two words come to mind: passion and enthusiasm! And Julie’s passion and enthusiasm for being the best she can in life mirrors what she wants for her clients too. There’s a warmth and genuineness about her that colours her whole attitude to life. She doesn’t make false promises. She doesn’t judge. She meets people where they are and takes them where they want to be. She works hard to keep up to date with current research not only in the field of hypnotherapy but across a breadth of fields. She takes her professional development seriously and you’ll find as many books on her shelves relating to neuroscience, the plasticity of the brain and the science of addiction as you will on inner child healing and managing emotions. Julie is resilient and courageous and her courage is infectious. She has a deep understanding of how to relate to others’ pain and distress. Julie has those incredible qualities that enable deep therapeutic relationships to form and encourages her clients to feel valued, safe and heard. She recognises the in-built need we all have to be authentic. She makes it okay to throw away the masks, disguises and props we so often use to hide our true selves. She leads by example and it’s hard not to follow her lead. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Julie and respect her tireless determination and dedication to be at the top of her field. I value her friendship, her knowledge, and her determination to improve the lives of others through being the best she can be. I too have experienced her support with a long-term sleep problem and can say in all honesty that I have never tired of hearing her voice on the recordings she has done for me, and her clever use of language to restore me to my natural sleep patterns. I have worked with Julie on a professional basis for three years now and have no hesitation is saying that her work is ethical, sound and I feel proud to share some of my reflections of Julie with any new or potential clients seeking her support. You are in good hands.

If you want to work with someone who understands the nature of physical and psychological addiction, adopts a broad-based approach drawing on diverse therapeutic interventions, and who has the skill to create a ‘pick and mix’ menu of treatment that is just right for you, then book an appointment now for a pre-consultation.