Proven Clinical Approach

Backed up by 20 years' clinical practice to help you reach a point where stopping smoking just feels more natural than continuing.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced hypnotherapeutic and NLP techniques combined with methods rooted in the psychology and neuroscience of addiction.

FREE Initial Consultation

Up to one hour to assess whether you are ready to quit – if I don’t think you’re ready yet, I will be honest with you.

Personalised Sessions

Two 90-120 minute sessions, personalised recording(s) plus free optional follow up within 12 months.

What To Expect

Say goodbye to addiction today using a tried and tested smoking cessation treatment developed over twenty years of clinical practice.

Why I Always Conduct a Pre-Consultation

Hypnotherapy has been described as both an art and a science, and the more of it I do, the more I appreciate how accurate this observation is. But part of the art is ensuring that the timing is right for the individual concerned and that they are setting themselves up for success and not failure.

My Clients Say

"I was very sceptical about any form of treatment which I could not explain or find logical explanation for, so if you couldn’t touch it, smell it, feel it…it didn’t exist. I turned to you in desperation and was myself greatly surprised that even after the first session there was light coming through my windows. After that, things only got better."

"I had to dig out all the secret cigarette packets and bin them when I got home! I am forever grateful to be FREE from cigarettes and am so enjoying my FREEDOM!!! Really loved the recording too! Thank you!"

"Julie has allowed me to discover how to reprogram the way I think and act."

Results & Techniques May Vary for Each Patient

Join thousands of ex-smokers who have successfully kicked the smoking habit through hypnosis.